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Privacy & Security FAQs

Security FAQs

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a document that explains how an organization collects, handles and uses customer, client or employee information gathered in its daily online or offline operations. It is always a good idea to quickly review this information before you login or subscribe to a website or service and if you feel your rights are not properly protected feel free to contact a national privacy agency to confirm and report any infringements of your rights. Always remember that your data is your personal property so you can control how it is used and handled and not the organisations.

What Information do you collect from me?

We only request personal details from you to ensure that you receive the best possible service from us.The information we collect from you will be:

    • Your name – This is so that we know what to call you.
    • Your Email address – This is so that we can email your order confirmations, delivery delays, offers etc. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us 
    • Your Address - So that we know where to ship your "goodies".
    • Your Telephone number – We’ll only use this to call you if we have a delivery problem with your order.
    • Credit card details – We will only ask for these when you place an order.
    • Mobile number – So that we can text you with details about your orders or where we have a question or concern.

    We use the latest secure server technology to ensure this information is protected to the highest standards.

    We use encryption to safeguard your credit card information and only accept orders from web browsers that permit communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology - this means you cannot inadvertently place an order through an unsecured connection. Most web browsers above version three support this security.

    This encryption makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised parties to read any information that you send us.

    The encryption technique we use is the highest standard available for e-commerce and certified by VeriSign, the world's most respected certification body for Internet firms.

    Why do you need my information?

    We only request personal details from you to ensure that you receive the best possible service from us. This information will only be used to complete your order, resolve any concerns or problems you may have with your order and from time to time we may email or send you special offers or product updates that we feel maybe of interest to you.

    When you have my information what will you do with it?

     There are only a few circumstances where we may share some of your data with others:

    • With agents (including credit reference agencies, credit card clearing agencies (Banking and Merchant Services in Canada and USA, fraud prevention and detection agencies) that we use to process the orders you place with us or who assist us in the service we provide to you. In these instances, we provide them with only the information they need to perform their function
    • In the unlikely event that our business assets are ever sold to or purchased by another company our data records are part of our business and will not be shared with any other business.

    How can I trust you not to share my information with anyone else?

    We will never pass on or make available your personal contact information to any other organisation without first contacting you and seeking your express permission, even if we think it would be in your best interests. If you would like to receive such offers you can please email us at

    We also would never pass on credit card details to anyone. Not only would that be plain crazy it would be unethical and "down right scandalous".

    Who do I contact if I have any Privacy or Security concerns?

    If you have any security or Privacy concerns you can contact our customer support teams on any of the following emails.
    Customer Service -
    Customer Support -

    How do I keep my information as secure as possible?

    To ensure that you do not become one of the Springboks in the Serengeti of the Internet. Please ensure that you do the following things:

    1. Whenever you have a device that is connected to the Internet always ensure that that it is running a current and updated version of Antivirus and Firewall agents.
    2. Never attempt to access the Internet if your machine does not have an active up to date Antivirus Agent running and a Firewall Program. This is plain gambling with your data and personal information and would only be a matter of time before you attract the unwanted attentions of a Fraudster to feast on your data and information.There are many very good free and paid Antivirus and Firewall products out there each with their unique flavors and levels of protections i.e. AVG, Avast Internet Security.
    3. Always ensure that your Internet Browser has the latest security and Java updates applied.
    4. Always refrain from using a strange or unfamiliar computer or mobile device that you do not own or regularly use to login to any of your secure services such as; Email, Social Media, Banking or shopping websites. If however you have to do so please ensue that you are completely logged out from the session afterwards. Ideally by closing  the browser and performing a Shutdown or Restart of the computer to prevent anybody else after you obtaining your browsing information.
    5. Develop a regular security routine and try not to deviate from it.

    I would also recommend if possible not to save your website passwords in your browser. If a hacker gains access to your computer he can effectively gain access to your browser sites saved passwords as well.

    However, if like most of us you have a terrible memory and you need to do this, then there is a way on most browsers to assign a master password in the security settings to prevent anyone accessing your saved sites passwords automatically. I would suggest you google browser security master password as each browser has different steps on how to do this.

    What can you do to increase my personal security?

    As Internet shopping has become very popular and the overwhelming majority of transactions are quick, easy and trouble-free. We endeavor to do everything we can to ensure your shopping experience is as safe and secure as possible.

    Fortunately there are a number of additional precautions you can take to increase your security:

      1. We recommend you always close down your Internet browser when you have finished shopping online, especially if you use a shared PC. This will delete temporary Internet cookies from any sites you may have visited.
      2. Never reveal your password to others.
      3. Keep your password as unique as possible and try not to choose obvious passwords, such as your name, partner's name, or other personal information which could be easily obtained by a third party.
      4. Avoid using the same password for numerous Internet sites.