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About us

Wotzcha is a Canadian company founded in 2016. I started this business as a way to promote self expression and to make the world a little funnier, safer and maybe an easier place to live in one product at a time.

Wotzcha's products promote how we interact with others and how we see the world. 

My company provides Engaging products for everyday life to express how we embrace life.        


"It’s all in the name”

Wotzcha: A derivation of the word wotcha.


According to the Oxford English dictionary the word ultimately dates back hundreds of years and was commonly used as a greeting it is a contraction of "what chere /cheer be with you?",which was a common phrase used as a greeting.

chere/cheer meant 'face' and thus referred to a person's expression or their mood.

person a: ‘hello!’  person b: 'wotcha!'

In modern English "Wotcha" is a slang for "What's up"

I think that this word is a warm, unassuming, quintessential English greeting, which perfectly sums up the idea and intent of my products; that being the case......... to be a positive expression of mind and good cheer (spirit).

Actually......... I prefer the company’s derivation of the name as it expresses individuality which also conveys what my company and its products are all about.