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MAPags® - Map shaped flags of European countries

“Proud of who you are and where you come from.”

Europe consists of a series of direct and non-directly connected land masses, all connected by a huge underwater continental shelf that covers 6.8% of the world’s landmass, that spans from the frigid northern arctic to the warm southern temperate regions of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic.

It is divided into 50 sovereign states, 6 dependent territories and 3 interdependent states, that constitutes 12% of the world's population of just over 743.1 million people.

The flag designs of these countries are quite consistent and symmetrical employing quite traditional colours heraldically represented in such a way as to represent the rich values, beliefs and deep historical heritage of the peoples and their culture. This I think serves to emphasize each country's shared history, ordered development and strong connection with the world around them.

Here are a collection of the most requested MAPags.

If you do not see a MAPag® of a flag that you are interested in please contact us at as not all the countries MAPags® are displayed on this website.